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Published Tuesday 1 March 2016

Planchers, maison écolo et panneau électrique

Cette semaine, les planchers de bois franc avec Anne-Marie Faucher et Martin Emery (Les Bois de plancher PG Inc.).

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Published Monday 30 March 2015
" Simply magnificent! My creation. My design. I love your flooring! We ordered white flooring (Akoya) for a room and will be receiving it soon. We also ordered blue flooring (Mykonos) for another room. We adore your products and recommend them to everyone we meet. Our installer had never installed red flooring (Geisha) before, but he liked the product so much that he brought a sample to show his wife. Certainly lovely merchandise! Your floors are incredible and simply magnificent! "
Nicole Schavo, satisfied homeowner, Ontario
" I am very happy with the Garneau floor in my photo studio. I find the texture and authentic look of this floor fascinating. Get back to basics and impart the cachet of a unique era to your home with one of the stains of the Origin Series. "
Véronique Côté, photographer
" I have been selling PG and Model products with great pride and pleasure since 2011. They stand apart for their beauty, quality and unique colours. "
Sandra Hamel, Interior Designer and Special Consultant, Planchers MC Design, Victoriaville (Quebec)
" Used 'Montana' on a recent design project and LOVED the results! Thank you! "
Tanna Barnecut, Tanna By Design
" I like the flooring so much that I decided to order more for our new extension planned for 2011. "
Jasmine Hébert, Manoir Bécancourt, Quebec
" We just finished installing the Pelletier Maple flooring. It looks spectacular and we get so many compliments. "
Jason Day, Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada
" We are very satisfied with our Garneau flooring. It is exactly the rustic style we sought to showcase our home. Installation was quick and problem-free, and maintaining the oiled finish is simple... Thank you! "
Patricia Bélanger, satisfied homeowner, Lotbinière (Quebec)
" To my great satisfaction, the flooring has easily resisted the passage of some 60,000 guests who have dined and partied at our restaurant. "
Rocco Cortina, Ristorante Il Matto, Quebec

Q. What causes cracking sounds in my floor?

A. There are several reasons why floors make cracking sounds:

Relative humidity: Ensure that the relative humidity in your house is neither too high nor too low. This may explain why your floor loosens and becomes noisy. A humidity rating between 37% and 45% is ideal.

Wrong type of subfloor: For nailed flooring, the subfloor must be made of plywood or OSB panels; the use of particleboard is not recommended.

Wrong subfloor thickness: The recommended panel thickness is ¾ inches (plywood or OSB) for joists spaced apart 19 inches or less, centre to centre. Spacing exceeding 19 inches or a greater span can result in deflection, leading to cracking sounds.

Board direction: Boards are installed in the same direction as the joists.

Structural weakness: The subfloor is not firmly anchored to the joists with flooring screws; there are gaps between the subfloor and the joists.

Lack of anchors: When boards are not anchored securely, they may move and lead to cracking sounds. Each board must have a minimum of two nails two inches from board ends, ideally spaced at eight-inch intervals in relation to the board length.

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Q. The boards of my flooring seem to be swelling and are starting to look wavy or like a washboard. What is causing this to happen?

A. This phenomenon is due to a variation in the internal humidity of the wood. This is not related to a defective product. It is caused by environmental conditions.

There are several reasons for changes in humidity:

Humidity too high in the subfloor or a very damp basement: The underside of the board absorbs more humidity than its top side, resulting in unequal swelling between the underside and top side of the board and the cupping effect.

Leaks or water spilled on the floor: Water infiltrates between the boards and is absorbed by their undersides. This results in swelling on the topside and the cupping effect.

Relative humidity too high: During very humid periods, the wood absorbs humidity from the ambient air and expands. Since the boards are anchored to the floor they cannot expand freely and press against each other, causing cupping. Insufficiently large expansion joints can exacerbate the problem.

A stable climatic environment in the house is the key to the optimum stability of wood flooring. Refer to our installation guide, in the documents section, for more details

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Q. If my son drops a toy on the hardwood floor, will it mark it?

A. Although we use the terms hardwood in English and bois franc in French, this does not make your flooring a product resistant to all kinds of marks caused by dropped objects or even high heeled shoes.

Each species has its own characteristics. Some withstand compression better than others. Wood hardness is measured with the Janka test.

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