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PG advocates sound management practices respectful of the rights of individuals to work in a healthy and safe environment.

PG denounces abusive exploitation, in all forms, of human and environmental resources. Child labour is prohibited. Labour legislation is very strict on this issue.

It is illegal to:

  1. Have a child do work disproportionate to his/her capabilities or likely to adversely affect the child’s education, health or development;
  2. Make a child work during school hours when required to attend school.

Unfortunately, however, many hardwood manufacturing companies in emerging countries fail to respect these basic provisions.

Each board that you install originating from one of our plants has been manufactured in compliance with the rules of integrity, equality, safety and respect of human nature.

All our employees benefit from pay equity. No employee suffers from pay inequity or injustice on the basis of gender, age or religious belief. The Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom are central to our concerns.

When the nature of a position allows us to hire physically or intellectually handicapped individuals, we do it.

Compliance with strict legislation in effect in Canada and Quebec would suffice, but we do not limit ourselves to these rules, we exceed them.

Professional Growth

Several in-house programs have been implemented for the career development of our employees. As soon as they arrive, new employees are integrated through a welcoming and training process designed to favour their integration and rapid adaptation to the standards and practices in effect at our company.

Our program, respectful of the environment and the individuals in it, goes far beyond performance and financial results. The end result of such a program must allow participating individuals to accomplish their tasks in harmony and encourage the initiative and creativity so instrumental to the innovation dear to those who use our products.

Encourage companies that stand by a code of ethics. This way, like us, you will help build a better world where the environment and mankind are one.

One Big Family

The family culture established since 1979 has led to closeness with our employees that facilitates the detection of potential problems. As soon as a problem is identified, we intervene immediately in support of the individuals concerned and marshal all resources needed to find a solution and end problematic situations.

We encourage respectful interpersonal communication. By treating our staff fairly, we can prevent all forms of abuse unfortunately all too prevalent among certain unscrupulous manufacturers.

A Safe Environment

Our employees are protected in the workplace through compliance with very stringent protective standards established by the Commission de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CSST).

As stipulated in Clause 59 of the Act, the purpose of a protection program is to eliminate at source any hazards to the health, safety or physical integrity of workers.

An in-house committee made up of employees participles actively in the development of an annual prevention program and ensures dissemination of its contents among all members of our organization.

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